December 25, 2007

Herpes Treatment: Home Remedies. Part I

Home remedies for cold sores are very simple to use. Most of their ingredients can be found in the kitchen. Cold sore home treatments are very interesting because they are very inexpensive and easy to use.

Cold sore home remedies effectiveness is not usually scientifically researched or proven. Nevertheless, homemade cold sore remedies tend to have a strong folks’ medicine history and are safe to use. Here is a list of cold sore home treatmens that I find valuable. They are listed in order of interest, lemon being my absolute first choice.

Home remedies for cold sores: Lemon

One of my most favorite home remedies for cold sore is definitely lemon. Lemon has been used to stop fever blisters or cold sores over decades in Europe. You can cut a small slice of lemon and place it either on your cold sore and leave it there as long as you can. Change it as often as possible with a fresh slice.

This home remedy for cold sores should be used as a treatment at the beginning of an outbreak and not on open sores or crusts. This remedy has successfully helped me to abort herpes outbreaks several times.

Whenever I felt a strong itch I placed a slice of lemon just where the fever blister should have appeared and after a few hours the itching stopped and that was it.

It may be a little inconvenient for oral herpes as you don't want to be walking all day with a slice of lemon hanging from your face but it is surely helpful at night and you can use a very thin and discreet piece of lemon. It will still work as long as you change it regularly.

If you're at work and you feel uncomfortable walking around with a slice of lemon on your face all day, you can fill a little perfume spray with lemon juice and spray it several time on your face during the day.

You may also drink a good lemon juice in the morning. It's very good for general health and can give you an extra boost to prevent or treat cold sores. For example, I take up to 4 lemon juices in a glass of water per day when I have a cold and it usually disappears in 24 hours. Try to drink your lemon juice in between meals for best results.

Vitamin C is a great cold sore remedy and disease fighter. If you want to get a lot of vitamin C from your lemon, eat it raw with the white part of the lemon peel left on it. That's where most of the vitamin C of your lemon is stored. Eat it slowly. I admit it is unpleasant but so efficient. It really boosts the immune system.

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